Corona office operation – “The New Normal”.

Corona office operation – “The New Normal”.

The strict course of the federal and state governments is loosening throughout Germany, slowly but surely creating the framework for the ramp-up of public life. In this move, even the non-systemically relevant companies in industry are trying to take a step towards “normality”.

We as Munich Consulting Group resumed our office operations with restrictions on May 4 under the motto “The New Normal”. In the run-up to this, we have been intensively working on concepts for reopening, with the health of our staff and clients being the top priority. We would like to give you an insight into the concept work and encourage you to adopt or adapt the concepts for your company – or even for your private environment.

HR planning

The basis of all measures is targeted personnel planning, i. e. to resume office operations only at a reduced level. For this purpose, it should be possible for the employees to work equally in the home office and in the office on site. Many companies have set up a corresponding structure in recent weeks or months, so that the technical requirements are met. At Munich Consulting Group, we have been working within these structures for some time, so that to a certain extent it has been possible to take the personal interests of employees into account in personnel planning. However, the basic premise when planning office staffing was to maintain a minimum distance between all those present. Especially in communal places such as the kitchen, the new regulations are just as elementary and necessary.

Workstation design

In addition to personnel planning, workplace design is also a fundamental topic. Strictly speaking, the two topics cannot be separated, but they are nevertheless listed here as separate measures because of their high importance in our concept work. In workplace design, we make a distinction between two levels.

On the first level – the design of the workplaces in relation to each other – it is imperative that the desks are kept free immediately next to an occupied desk. This premise also applies to desks located opposite each other. For this purpose, the Munich Consulting Group converted small meeting rooms and common seating arrangements into workstations in order to have sufficient alternative workstations available.

The second level describes the exact design of a workplace. Employees are required to leave their workplaces at the end of a working day in accordance with the clean-desk policy. Thus a desk sharing system is also applicable. For regular cleaning of their own workplace, every employee has a surface disinfection spray at their disposal. The cleaning staff are also instructed to clean the workplaces daily with disinfectants.

Hygiene material

As mentioned at the beginning, the health of our employees and customers is the focus of the concepts developed and the resulting measures. For this reason, employees are provided with sufficient hygienic material and disinfectants. In addition to the obvious places such as their own workplace, the kitchen or toilets, disinfectant dispensers are also located in the corridors. This allows employees to regularly disinfect their hands “in passing”, thus further raising the standard of hygiene.

Awareness raising

Another important point is to sensitize employees to the new situation, which is unfamiliar to everyone involved. Here we rely on visual stimuli through memorable pictograms. This type of sensitization has two positive effects:
On the one hand, the employees are permanently confronted with the topic, which means that the measures are implemented and the hygiene materials do not degenerate into decoration.
On the other hand, the pictograms provide clear instructions (e. g.: wash hands before using the kettle), which removes any uncertainties among employees and enables them to deal with the situation with confidence.

For appointments with customers outside or inside the company, we always follow the applicable regulations. This means that it is quite possible that our vehicle pool will be used or that a customer may be found in the office. We have also made clear arrangements for this. The pool vehicles may be used by a maximum of two people at the same time. The employees should be seated in the chauffeur division, i. e. the co-driver should sit in the back on the right. Furthermore, a protective mask must be worn due to the narrow space. The stay of external persons in our office is documented by the in-house team, so that possible chains of infection remain transparent.

We hope that the description of our measures will give you a small insight into our everyday office life (“The New Normal”), and we would be pleased if you take over or adapt one or the other measure if necessary. As always, the most important thing at the end: Stay healthy!

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