Original parts sales: Cross-brand cooperation between manufacturers for order and delivery management.
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Original parts sales: Cross-brand cooperation between manufacturers for order and delivery management.

The market expectations of independent garages operating across brands for their parts suppliers have risen significantly in recent years: Ideally, they expect to be able to order original parts from one central location across all brands and then receive the parts together as quickly as possible. Performance yardsticks here are the offers of IAM parts wholesalers such as Trost, Stahlgruber and Matthies.

In comparison, traditional OEM dealers reach their limits by fixing one or a few car brands, the high personnel costs for telephone order acceptance in line with demand and the high costs caused by logistics in line with demand.

In order to meet the market expectations of their customers, more and more classic OEM dealers are cooperating across brands in the areas of order and delivery management.

Example: Delivery management via multi-brand order portals

In the course of increasing digitalization, independent car dealerships are also increasingly relying on online purchasing. More and more OEM contract partners are now offering their original parts for this purpose via the partslink24 online multi-brand ordering portal.
The advantages are obvious: ordering is now possible around the clock. In addition, the portal offers immediate insight into customer-specific prices right up to current availability in the dealer’s warehouse. In addition, within just a few clicks, the garage also orders the required original parts for all other brands directly from the same portal.

In addition, the increasing linking of the ordering systems with the diagnostic systems of the manufacturers is also being driven forward – in future, the required original parts will be able to be ordered online directly in the same train when maintaining the digital service booklet.

Example: Joint logistics – multi-brand cooperations

Today, OEM dealers who are successful in business with independent garages already have logistics tailored to their needs. In most cases, the independent workshops in a region are then supplied separately by the own delivery vehicles of various OEM authorised dealers. In total, this means that independent garages are approached on the same day by several delivery vehicles of the OEM authorised dealers. This results in unnecessary costs for the various OEM dealers and increased costs for the independent workshops when accepting deliveries.

This has resulted in a wide variety of individual models of successful cooperation between individual OEM dealers in the German market. The following questions must always be clarified in advance:

  • Which area is to be supplied jointly in the future?
  • Who carries out the joint logistics (the previous logistics of a partner or an external logistics provider)?
  • How are the costs of joint logistics fairly distributed among the partners?

If an agreement is reached on a common supply concept, the OEM dealers can expand their supply area and/or offer multiple supplies at lower costs. Thus the own customer base can be significantly enlarged. Only in this way is it possible for the OEM contract partners to be able to offer a logistics service comparable to that of parts wholesalers.

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