Conception and implementation of a variant management system for remanufactured automotive spare engines.

Conception and implementation of a variant management system for remanufactured automotive spare engines.

In order to achieve the optimum reuse of engine components for our OEM customer from the Product Management Aftersales division, design changes in the engine life cycle must be understood and the interaction between the individual components must be checked.

In the remanufacturing process, all change statuses of engines of different performance and revision levels are considered – a method for automating parts list information and evaluating design changes had to be developed. The result speaks for itself, now combinations of components and new parts can be tested efficiently. As a result, in a future series production process all work steps in the area of logistics and assembly for the remanufacturing of replacement engines can be carried out successfully.

Our mission

Our project assignment was divided into 4 decisive work steps:
1. The development of a methodology for the evaluation of design changes of the individual core components and shoring combinations.
2. The reduction of complexity and variants while at the same time ensuring functioning replacement engines.
3. The creation of prototypes for a defined engine portfolio.
4. Ensuring relevant information for future serial production.

Our work

In detail, an Excel VBA/Macro solution for work preparation and automation of parts list information was developed. Subsequently, development documents and technical drawings were evaluated and checked for component compatibility as well as back-, cross- and pre-installability within an engine type. Further project steps were the preparation of decision recommendations and consultations with the product management and development departments. This was followed by the professional preparation and coordination of sample structures. Professional knowledge management ensures future reprocessing, logistics and assembly processes.

Our results

The parts lists developed with component prioritisations ensure smooth reconditioning of replacement engines. Sample set-ups and testing of borderline locations with internal OEM assembly partners and external suppliers were successfully carried out. This was followed by detailed documentation of development and component specifications for a future series production process.

Our know-how

The experience of our experts and a profound technical knowledge in the field of engines and engine peripherals led to a targeted support in this project. We use a methodical and efficient way of working as well as targeted automation through proven IT tools. Synergy effects with factory planning were used to operate targeted knowledge management in the fields of production and logistics.

Our added value for the customer

A noticeable added value for our customers is the reduction of variants and the associated reduction of complexity, as well as the assurance of the required OEM spare part quality for exchange engines.

Through the efficient implementation of the variant management process, series production can be started with the defined planning, thereby ensuring aftersales capability.

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