Production bottlenecks in the caravanning industry.

Production bottlenecks in the caravanning industry.

The current demands on the production of recreational vehicles could not be higher: volatile growth, future high growth rates or production obstacles due to the corona pandemic. In order to successfully master all of this and meet customer expectations in terms of production and delivery times, manufacturers must expand capacities, plan more efficiently or break new ground in production. Flexible production lines, digital factory planning and resource-oriented working are currently the big issues in the industry.

Trends in the caravanning industry as initiator of new production processes

Not only the demand for recreational vehicles itself has been growing continuously over the last few years, but also the customers’ wishes regarding comfort, connectivity and environmental compatibility. Smart home solutions for the motor home, sophisticated lighting systems, extendable living space extensions or hybrid motorizations are just a few examples that are changing the way we travel. All this leads to an increase in complexity in the production and provision of individual components. The Munich Consulting Group focuses on the optimization of production, regardless of the size of the company, previous production methods or innovations in the areas of materials and digitalization.

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