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Customer Satisfaction Management

Invest in your future!

MCG offers you an activities-oriented increase in customer satisfaction, with routes to long-term customer loyalty and sustainable profitability.

MCG's methodology is based on the following phases:

MCG's Customer Satisfaction Management
MCG's Customer Satisfaction Management

Customer understanding:
From studies to customer feedback. We perform market-specific analyses and monitoring to record your customers' requirements.

From the customer requirements we generate market-specific and cross-market measures for increasing customer satisfaction. We leverage the full scope of training, marketing, communication and strategic reorientation here.

Market supervision:
The implementation alone of a customer satisfaction measure on the market is often not sufficient. It is therefore important to continue to supervise the markets, to be available when questions come back, and to track the implementation of measures.

Target-oriented learning process:
Feedback on existing measures is often generated in the active market supervision or market-specific best practices come to the fore. Our goal is to process and prepare this feedback and to derive new measures to consequently generate added value.

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