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International Product Certification

Companies suffer sales losses of up to 80 percent because of the absence of proper product certification and identification (CCC, INMETRO, EAC, SNI).

Insufficient supply security creates considerable dissatisfaction with the customer, as sales markets can only be insufficiently supplied due to non-compliant goods. To combat these risks, considerable requirements must be met throughout the entire product life cycle.

With our holistic and cross-industry approach, we step in as the link between the company and the sales markets. We consequently guarantee the long-term assurance of the import and marketing capacity in the global markets, as well as the short-term solution of import problems.

Our 5-phases model, from which the range of services is put together customer-specific, enables continuous support from the emergence of requirements, through to the continuous monitoring of the conformity of all products.

MCG's International Product Certification
MCG's International Product Certification

Even before companies can export their products to an overseas market, the legal framework conditions to be met must be understood. A wide range of laws must be researched for this and a detailed analysis must be produced. When this is done the recommended action records all requirements to be met.

However, the scope of the portfolio that is basically affected is still unknown. On the basis of all framework conditions determined, the part analysis defines the number of products in the respective markets that are certification and identification-relevant.

However, due to the high expense and input associated with a certification process, it is not always beneficial to certify the entire affected range of products. A financial consideration decides the final requirement for certification, even with regard to strategic aspects.

As preparation for the tasks to be performed, the list of measures demonstrates which internal processes must be adjusted. Constant monitoring and problem-oriented acting across the entire process chain ensure the compliance and import capacity of the products in the sales markets at all times.

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