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Market and Trade Development

Brands and markets are becoming increasingly more important in today's economy.

The values of a such a brand are communicated via different channels, primarily via the actual products of a company, but also via the relevant communication methods and the presentation of the brand to the end customer.

In the automotive industry this contact takes place with the trade organisation in particular. Having considered an increasingly stronger cut-throat competition, the rising requirements of consumers for products and manufacturers and the appropriate presentation of the brand, the development of the trade organisation becomes more important all the time, and especially at the point of sale.

Strategic Analysis and Strategic Optimization
Strategic Analysis and Strategic Optimization

The Munich Consulting Group conveys these competencies to a number of trade groups, sales and service partners, and optimises them with constant exchange. MCG pursues a clear strategy here to meet the requirements of the project customer.

Operative Control & Support
Operative Control & Support

In the dealer development area, we focus on a precisely defined distribution of tasks, which on one hand features a different sales strategy, which includes, among other factors, the professionalization of the POS, individual dealer marketing and specific training measures. On the other hand, the proximity with the customer also plays a very important role for MCG. This involves an intensive exchange with regard to customer wishes and the provision of an own vision for the development of the trading partners.

Regular training activities for employees in their areas of expertise ensure MCG successful meets its customers' requirements. With the aid of this experience and its demand for continuous further development, MCG is the perfect partner for professionalizing sales channels and trading partners.

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