Systemic analysis of a change management process.

Systemic analysis of a change management process.

Companies are subject to the constant change of market requirements, competition and the economic situation of the business location. In order to remain competitive themselves, companies must continuously evolve. Since there is a frequent lack of capacity to anticipate and prepare for change in the long term, inhomogeneous structures and processes often arise which can reduce the efficiency of a company in the long term. This is especially true when various stakeholders or subsidiaries are involved in day-to-day business.

At our customer, outdated structures and inhomogeneous process landscapes led to delays in delivery and challenges in meeting deadlines. To counteract this, a change process was initiated to simplify structures, streamline processes and ensure delivery/delivery reliability again.

Our mission

We were commissioned by our customer, market leader in the field of automated wire processing, to analyse the status quo as well as the already initiated change process. In addition, it was to be verified whether the introduction of the newly created department would support the desired goal of increasing on-time delivery performance.

Our work

The project assignment was divided into several project phases / work packages, which were completed by our expert on schedule:
1. kick-off with subsequent process planning
2. analysis part I: Conducting interviews with 16 representatives of different business areas
3. analysis part II: evaluation of the interview results
4. discussion of the analysis and options
5. preparation of management summary / final presentation to the customer

Our results

Our experienced change management consultant provided a comprehensive analysis of the status quo and developed forward-looking measures for a successful implementation of the desired change management process.
This enabled our customer to make the necessary changes to existing processes and to achieve an increase in delivery reliability.

Our know-how

Due to the many years of managing change management projects, our project manager was able to draw on a wealth of experience. This know-how enabled a deep and comprehensive analysis of the customer's initial situation.
The well-founded preparation of the questionnaire for the interviews and the detailed evaluation formed the basis for the development of the trend-setting Management Summary. The client’s expectations were fully met due to the perfectly used synergies of expertise and applied methodology.

Our added value for the customer

The external examination of longstanding internal processes gave our customer a new view of his own company structures, potential sources of error and optimization possibilities. By deploying our project manager, our customer was able to free up resources and capacities in the specialist departments. In the concluding management presentation, the proposed measures were discussed and approved, which, together with the management summary handed over to the customer, enabled the further continuation of the change process in order to increase delivery reliability.

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