Change & Adaption.
We shape your change.

Change & Adaption.

Digital Transformation is a mega-trend that is currently influencing our economy and thus all of our working lives. It will also change them in the long term.

The companies’ focus lies on their further development with the clear goal of increasing competitiveness. The changes brought about by Digital Transformation affects all processes, structures, competences as well as the management and the business model. Thereby, your entire workforce is involved across all hierarchical levels.

While the number and rapidity of digital transformation projects in companies is increasing, the willingness of employees to change is decreasing due to the impression of constant change. However, the successful and sustainable implementation of digital projects depends significantly on the participation of all personnel.

The experience of our change experts enables us to shape the changes in your company in a sustainable way. You decide what to change, we keep all of the involved target groups in mind and ensure that the people in the company support the change and, in the best case, actively drive it forward themselves.

What we do.

Based on your change decision, we take a look at the target groups involved, develop a holistic change strategy and implement it closely interlinked with the organizational corporate strategy. During the course of the project, our change experts always keep an eye on the goals of the change: awareness, participation and empowerment. They design the agile transformation process with empathy and clarity, thus increasing the likelihood of a successful Digital Transformation.

We are change experts for Digital Transformation.

Our methodological approach.

Change succeeds step by step and, correspondingly, we design the change process in an agile way: right from the start, we analyse the relevant target groups, derive the change impact and diagnose hot spots. Then, we conceptualise your “Change-House” and establish the relevant messages, based on which we recommend an individual, integrated action plan and sustainably implement the measures along the project-roadmap.

We shape your change in a sustainable way.

How we work.

Our Change & Adaptation team is made up of interdisciplinary experts - including organisational developers, psychologists, communicators and trainers. We offer change-packages such as the “Change-Readiness-Check” as well as a holistic change-design including the effective implementation of that change.

We work in an interdisciplinary, effective and results-oriented way.


Holistic change design.

Holistic change design.

“Man is a creature of habit”. Correct. Unless there are good reasons for change or a different behaviour. Our great passion is to work out these good reasons, the “what’s in it for me?” in a target-group-specific way, to focus on people. Whether it's New Work, cultural change, the introduction of new tools or Digital Transformation issues: Our Change & Adaptation team designs your change sustainably on all three levels of heart, brain and hand, so that your employees understand the reasons behind the change, support it and, in the best case, actively drive the change themselves.

Change- / Rollout-communication.

Change- / Rollout-communication.

Did you know that humans have to be confronted with a message 7 times before they sustainably integrate it into their everyday life?
Our change communicators design a communication campaign that takes all target groups into account, formulate the benefits of your Change / Rollout specifically for your target group and establish the key messages. In line with your project roadmap, our experts create a communication plan that ensures that everyone involved is continuously and transparently informed. Your Change / Rollout will be successful because we actively work to ensure that your messages are not only heard, but also understood and accepted. In this way, your employees can start into the new reality with motivation and joy.

Starter-package: “Are you ready for change”.

Starter-package: “Are you ready for change”.

What about your company's current need for change?
Particularly with large change initiatives in the context of Digital Transformation, it is essential to consider the digital triad of “technology – process – people” right from the start. Our Change & Adaption team focuses on people, i.e. your employees, and designs your individual Change-House. Based on this, you will receive recommendations for effective change-design. This way, you increase the likelihood of success of your (Digital) Transformation.


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