Product Compliance.
We bring your products to the market.

Product Compliance.

Never before have companies been able to sell their products in so many foreign markets as today. This opportunity holds great potential, but is also associated with obligations and major risks. Technical barriers to trade pose a particular challenge, since there is a multitude of different international directives, systems and requirements and there is mostly no uniform procedure for the technical approval of products. Non-compliance with these requirements can have considerable consequences. We support you in mastering these challenges and successfully marketing your products internationally.

What we do.

We advise and accompany you in obtaining and ensuring the marketability and importability of your products in international markets.

Our team of experts supports you throughout the entire product lifecycle as required:
During product development, we take care of research, identification, preparation and monitoring of worldwide legal requirements for technical barriers to trade. We monitor the existing requirements as well as draft laws and planned changes.

In the next step, we carry out an analysis and evaluation of the legal requirements with regard to relevance, technical implementation and feasibility.

Once the requirements for a product have been worked out, we provide continuous support in ensuring technical conformity and general import capability through process-oriented implementation within existing corporate structures.
Our network, market knowledge and communication with the international import markets guarantee security of supply even after market entry and ongoing support of legally compliant import of your products.

We accompany you in ensuring sales and importability of your products in international markets.

Who we work for.

Our services focus mainly on the automotive industry (OEM and OES) with the divisions complete vehicle, spare parts and accessories, technical equipment as well as brand promoting articles (merchandising, lifestyle and promotinal articles). We also support manufacturers of products in the commercial vehicle, two-wheeler, construction and agricultural machinery, toys and textiles sectors.

We advise the manufacturing industry with a focus on export business.

How we work.

We are a broadly based team of experts from different areas of competence and thus have the opportunity to individually adapt to the needs of you and your product. Depending on your situation, we work out the best way from a technical and organizational point of view to get you to your goal – ensuring your products marketability for the selected market. We offer you support during the entire product life cycle as well as for part of the way.

We consult individually, needs-oriented and target-oriented.


Services and support
  • Monitoring and research of updates and innovations of regulatory requirements worldwide
  • Interpretations and summaries as well as recommendations for action
  • Customized newsletters and reports
Added value
  • Individual result documents depending on the intended use with the appropriate level of detail for each address.
  • Own methodology of regulatory monitoring (screening process with sources from own network)
  • Own Knowhow database (approx. 1,500 documents) with standards, norms, own studies and analyses for ad hoc answers to inquiries and requests
Services and support
  • Detailed product analysis
  • Requirements management and evaluation of exceptions and special regulations
  • Technical product management during product development
  • Evaluation and monitoring tools
Added value
  • Extensive know-how in the technical evaluation of automotive products
  • Network of partners and specialists to clarify detailed questions
Services and support
  • Supplier management
  • Consulting for logistics and supply chain processes
  • Process and change management
Added value
  • Detailed knowledge of processes and procedures in the automotive environment
  • Broad network of suppliers and market experts in the automotive environment to ensure consistent implementation of legal requirements
Services and support
  • Trouble shooting and support in case of import problems
  • Market knowledge and expertise for individual import solutions
  • Document management and creation
Added value
  • Short-term processing (intraday) of urgent import problems and inquiries
  • Implementation experience for the qualification of importers or sales companies


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