Industrial Engineering.
Digital factory planning beyond the standard.

Industrial Engineering.

Our services cover digital factory planning, solving technical, indivual challenges and supplier management. In these areas, we advise you on everything from layout planning and visualizations to implementation, quality management and sustainability assessment.

We have been contributing these and many more aspects for 15 years in over 250 projects worldwide with success that speaks for itself.

At a glance.

Digital factory planning

Digital factory planning

  • Layout planning and visualization
  • Process and material flow planning
  • Line and conveyor plannung
  • Integration of MES systems
  • Implementation of lean principles
  • Ramp up support
Solving technical, individual challenges

Solving technical, individual challenges

  • Analysis and documentation
  • Creation of technical specifications
  • Creation of RFQs
  • Accompaning the purchasing process
  • Realization and Implementation
  • Operational readiness
Supplier management

Supplier management

  • Establishment of supplier network
  • Business case considerations
  • Make or buy analyses
  • Supplier enablement and coordination
  • Quality management
  • Sustainability assessments



Sustainability in the company: Storing and saving energy with modern technology.

Sustainability is often promoted as a comprehensive concept that encompasses a company's entire value chain. When sustainability is viewed as a whole, this inevitably also draws attention to the production sites where the products are manufactured.

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Shaping a sustainable future: the power of product design

The topic of sustainability has been gaining importance in all industry sectors due to increasing regulatory requirements and growing external pressure from stakeholders. Manufacturing companies tend to focus on optimizing their energy consumption and increasing resource efficiency, thus tackling sustainability on the process level. However, only few delve deeper into ensuring their manufactured product is sustainable from its conception. In fact, an estimated 80% of a product’s environmental impacts arise from design decisions.

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From AGV to AMR: The next step towards a flexible, fully automated production through change in intralogistics.

A shortage of skilled workers, shorter life cycles, a higher product mix and an increasing degree of personalization are currently presenting manufacturing companies with ever greater challenges. The skill is no longer just to produce a product in large quantities at low costs in a short time, but also to adapt to market fluctuations and new developments as quickly as possible. In order for companies to be successful with these challenges, they need a highly automated and at the same time flexible production.

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