Industrial Engineering.
We make your products ready for production and successful in the long term.

Industrial Engineering.

Competitiveness today depends on many different factors. Time is an essential part of it.
For example, more and more products are to be brought onto the market in a shorter period of time – to achieve this, companies must continually create new production structures in factory planning or integrate new products into existing structures.

After the end of classic series production, the focus is increasingly on securing after-sales business.
The necessary know-how and capacities for technical product management can often not be covered internally.

This is where we come in: We are not only consultants, but as a competent partner in these two core areas directly at your side.
We ensure that products are ready for production and that companies can secure their after-sales business in the long term.

What we do.

Our expertise differs clearly from classic technical consulting firms and comprises two core areas:

On the one hand, we are your partner in factory planning for the conception of plants and plant structures or the integration of new components into existing productions. We take care of the acquisition of the production capability and are also at your side after the start of production (SoP).

On the other hand, in the core area of technical product management, we focus on securing your after-sales products after the end of production (EoP). We make sure that you can continue to supply your customers with the spare parts they need – whether it’s new development, product modification, reproduction or remanufacturing.

We are your partner for factory planning and technical product management.

Who we work for.

Our solutions are aimed at the automotive and commercial vehicle industries, their suppliers (product and component suppliers) and medium-sized manufacturing companies.

Complex production structures and a wide variety of products distinguish our customers.

How we work.

Compared to other consulting companies, we are real doers. We not only create concepts, but also drive the projects forward until they are implemented. Thanks to the expert know-how from the multitude of our cross-industry consulting projects, our solutions are innovative and individual.

The success of our work is based on the fact that we actively integrate ourselves into your structures in order to keep decision-making processes short and achieve continuous results. Depending on the situation, we work completely independently – always in close exchange with you to ensure transparency and project success – as well as with your team members.

Excellent project results are the measure of all things for us.


Services and support
  • Structure planning and consideration of total value added flows
  • Assembly planning for efficient and robust process design
  • Logistics concepts to ensure supply and define the right delivery strategies
Added value
  • Project management from concept to SOP and management of subprojects
  • Ensuring production in assembly and logistics processes through technical know-how
Services and support
  • Product integration
  • Plant planning/realisation
  • Automation
Added value
  • Creation of integration concepts in existing production lines
  • Specification of procedural processes and preparation of tender documents
  • Implementation support and acceptance from the plant suppliers
  • Project management
Services and support
  • Evaluation of technical drawings, CAD data and change documents
  • Preparation of component specifications and spec books
  • Definition of measurement requirements and targeted evaluation of measurement reports
Added value
  • Comprehensive know-how in the technical evaluation of vehicle components
  • Solution of complex technical problems
  • Network of partners and development departments for quick solution finding
Services and support
  • Programming of IT tools for the automation of product lifecycles
  • Development of component and evaluation databases for the use of synergy effects
  • Evaluation of communal components for variant reduction
Added value
  • Methodology for efficient variant evaluation, reduction and optimization
  • Digitization and automation of our methods and processes represent a significant added value both for internal processes and for our customers
Services and support
  • Definition and coordination of validation and release processes
  • Coordination of component selection, disassembly, cleaning, machining, measurement, assembly and test runs
  • Conception of reproduction and remanufacturing processes
Added value
  • Comprehensive know-how in the automotive aftersales process landscape
  • Operational coordination of validation and release processes for automotive components
  • Technical expertise in remanufacturing
Services and support
  • Technical maturity analysis
  • Operational Quality Management
  • Start-up support and on-site supplier support
Added value
  • Know-how in the areas of quality management and supplier control
  • Operational quality work and on-site start-up and series production support


Production bottlenecks in the caravanning industry.

Hardly any other industry in Germany currently records similarly high growth rates as the caravanning industry. With an increase of more than 85 % compared to the same month of the previous year, new registrations of recreational vehicles in Germany in July 2020 reached undreamt-of heights. In order to meet the increased demand, manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes are faced with different challenges in production challenges in the area of efficient production as well as in the consideration of modern materials and digitalization.

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CORONA – Maintenance of production in medium-sized companies.

The CORONA crisis still has us firmly in its grip and its effects are not yet fully foreseeable. It is essential for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies to keep up production. On the one hand to maintain their position on the market or on the other hand to simply ensure their own survival. Most important in this situation is the health of the employees and their families. This can only be achieved with appropriate measures.

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High-voltage storage and possible EoL (End of Life) applications.

Due to the worldwide efforts to reduce CO2 emissions, the European Union has decided to introduce CO2 emission standards for passenger cars from 2020. The obvious way to reduce CO2 emissions from cars seems to be purchsing an electric car, which usually is referred to as BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle).

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