Customer & Business Solutions.
We generate sustainable business success through loyal customer relationships.

Customer & Business Solutions.

A sustainable customer relationship is the most important building block for differentiation from the competition and long-term business success. Due to time pressure, shortage of capacity and lack of know-how, the potential for business development falls by the wayside.

Measures for central functions, which are to be implemented in markets and trade, often do not find acceptance or are already successfully implemented without a centralised approach.

Our experience in working with clients at all levels – central functions, sales companies and retail – enables us to understand top-down approaches and the point of sales in equal measure.

With our services in the areas of field force, product & marketing, project management and business intelligence, we can advise you on the sustainable expansion of your business areas. A holistic view of the customer journey as well as the visualisation of your data through digital methods, which enable the targeted derivation of recommendations for action, contribute to long-term customer loyalty.

What we do.

We develop strategies, bring your ideas from concept to reality and do not hesitate to support you in their implementation. All the while, our focus is always on your customers. Customer loyalty programmes and the sustainable increase of customer satisfaction are crucial for your success. Our team of experts and project managers will be happy to provide you with temporary on-site support, as we believe that in an increasingly digitalised world, personal cooperation ensures long-term success.

We always keep your sales goals in mind, help you with digitisation projects and are the strong implementer at your side.

We are experts in business development, digitalisation and customer loyalty.

Who we work for.

Our services are aimed at all companies in need of support in optimising their business fields and the forward-looking orientation of their company. Whether you are a medium-sized company or a large corporation makes no difference to us, because customer-centricity is independent of the number of employees or the size of your turnover.
Your challenges are our challenges and we have the clear goal of making your projects a success.

We support you in optimising your business fields.

How we work.

Our team consists of experts in the fields of project management, marketing & sales and digitalisation. Many years of experience in implementing complex projects and managing international project teams, as well as interdisciplinary thinking enable us to develop creative approaches to solutions and individual strategies. We provide specific consulting and implementation products as well as the operational implementation and support with our field force on site.

Our work is interdisciplinary, solution-oriented and individual.




Our field force is our support for your sales success. We combine innovative strategy and solution approaches and advise where companies are closest to their customers: On site - with the retailer. Thanks to many years of practical experience, our field force consultants have real retail expertise, which helps you to quickly implement growth and optimisation goals in your business field. Our focus is on internal process optimisation as well as personal support through classic field force. By optimising internal processes and coaching your employees, our experts ensure that the process chains are smoothly intertwined. Due to our profound systemic knowledge, our field force also supports you in software implementation. In this way, we actively support you in the challenge of turning buyers into enthusiastic and sustainably loyal customers.

Product & Marketing

Product & Marketing

We are your partner in the areas of product and marketing. We support you in the digital transformation of business areas and go-to-market strategies by conducting a detailed market and portfolio analysis to identify potential and optimise processes. This client-specific consulting approach enables us to align products and services in a target-oriented manner and to market them, for example, through omnichannel strategies. We play a key role in helping you achieve a fast return on investment and a sustainable customer experience along your entire customer journey. We are also happy to help you with the concrete implementation - be it in setting up strategic pricing models, in the context of loyalty programmes as well as in the implementation of digital product trainings or trade fairs & events. Our goal is to correctly position your brand or product in the market and to develop strong communication measures for you.

Project management

Project management

Whether in the context of process & product launches, digitalisation projects or, more classically, taking over the project management activities of your company – we will provide you with experienced & certified project managers. Through agile methods, such as SCRUM, our employees are able to react flexibly to changing requirements, create transparency and thus exploit unused potential. Our application spectrum ranges from (digital) marketing projects to the optimisation of trade processes to the support of software rollouts.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

Using business intelligence methods, we will advise you on generating data-based customer profiles to ensure unique customer service. This way, for example, the targeted use of BI tools can close the gap between sales and aftersales in order to increase your turnover through customer-specific offers and to accompany your customers along the customer journey. By processing and visualising your customer and business data, previously undiscovered correlations and potentials can be identified. Based on this analysis, we can derive concrete recommendations for action, as well as show up- and cross-selling potentials and support you in your business planning.

The successful implementation of pilot models with large German retail groups based on newly developed predictive data models shows that the use of predictive analytics is a significant starting point for your long-term business success.


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