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Internationalization of the caravan industry

""Vacations at home"" - this is probably one of the keywords in summer/autumn 2020. In currently difficult and challenging times, a change of scenery is often the only possibility to take a little time out of the dreary everyday life. The unbroken travelling is causing record sales and turnover, especially in the caravaning industry. The manufacturers not only deliver their leisure vehicles and the corresponding accessories to Germany but also the export is rising to new dimensions. However, this also involves risks for the manufacturers with regard to technical compliance requirements.

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Successful project result at BMW.

On July 31, one of our longest projects successfully ended. During the last five years we have supported and advised BMW Aftersales on regulatory requirements. The Brazilian market with the "INMETRO" certification system was one of our core markets.

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Production bottlenecks in the caravanning industry

Hardly any other industry in Germany currently records similarly high growth rates as the caravanning industry. With an increase of more than 85 % compared to the same month of the previous year, new registrations of recreational vehicles in Germany in July 2020 reached undreamt-of heights. In order to meet the increased demand, manufacturers of caravans and motorhomes are faced with different challenges in production challenges in the area of efficient production as well as in the consideration of modern materials and digitalization.

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