Automotive parts sales, central support for parts marketing to independent garages.

Automotive parts sales, central support for parts marketing to independent garages.

For our customers in the automotive industry, measures were to be identified to increase sales in the “external garages” business segment in order to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of sales. The development of specially targeted strategies for the marketing of original parts had a positive effect on a successful track record. A strategic use of the potential in the digital area was also included and implemented in the project measures.

Our mission

The main order was for the development of the business segment as well as the increase in sales within the external workshops business segment. Above all, the acceptance of the business segment within the German market should also be increased. A further instrument for a positive project result should be the development of marketing approaches and sales strategies for original parts as well as a professionalization of the trade and service organization.

Our work

The following 5 work packages were planned by our experts:
1. To publicise and further develop the online media AOS (Aftersales Online System) and partslink24 (multi-brand ordering system) as well as the organisation of regional training courses and individual coaching on site at the car dealership in their daily use.
2. Monitoring and reporting of key figures in aftersales parts sales
3. Development of new reporting methods and marketing approaches
4. Conception and supervision of marketing campaigns as well as development of advertising material and give-aways
5. Auditing trading partners to improve logistics, pricing and service

Our results

We supported our customers in the automotive industry with the professionalization of the trade and service organization in dealing with online media. With our measures, we achieved a significant increase in the share of online sales. An important part of this project was a target-oriented reporting and the presentation of current decision bases for tax circles. Our experts provided HO/SO with a varied offer for marketing original parts, e.g. newsletters, offer sheets, advertising material, wear parts campaigns, etc. Finally, we were able to realize the “independent garages” sales channel within HO/SO as an opportunity to increase our own market share.

Our know-how

The didactic training methods applied by us within the coaching, training and audits on site at the dealership helped our customer to a better understanding and knowledge level. With the conception of target-oriented sales strategies and demand-oriented marketing campaigns, we created further milestones. The accustomed handling of reporting, monitoring and control methods supported a positive project result.

Our added value for the customer

We achieved a significant increase in sales of original parts through our measures. The increase in online acceptance and the associated increase in the share of online sales could be geared up for the future for our client. The professionalization of the company’s own trading and service organization in terms of pricing, logistics, marketing and service also has a strengthening effect. Up-to-date and targeted preparation of key figures supports faster decision-making and preventive measures.

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