Field Force Management PEGASUS – Increase brand loyalty and customer loyalty through innovative product marketing.

Field Force Management PEGASUS – Increase brand loyalty and customer loyalty through innovative product marketing.

For our client in the automotive industry, we developed a comprehensive concept for the development of business areas in after-sales and the strengthening of brand perception among end consumers. The focus was equally on increasing efficiency within existing sales structures.

Our mission

The core task of the project was the professionalisation of the trade organisation with the aim of developing selected monetary KPIs of a worldwide leading premium car manufacturer.
Through prominent marketing, a visible promotion of brand awareness and loyalty should be achieved with the end customer.
The strategic support of sell-out activities of the retail organization was a decisive success factor.

Our work

The analysis of the initial situation with regard to sales structure, product portfolio, interface management and marketing potential was the starting point for the operative processing of the business segment in the German market. Based on the results, Field Force Consultants planned and implemented target-group-specific training measures and trainings in the areas of product, visual merchandising and increased sales efficiency for the employees of the retail organization.
In addition, we designed central and demand-oriented marketing measures and actively accompanied their operative implementation.
A further objective was to optimise the internal flow of information in the trade organisation between the Sales and Aftersales divisions in order to exploit synergies and to leverage cross-selling potential.
Efficient sales support was achieved through targeted field force control including reporting, which is exclusively tailored to our customers and their special requirements.

Our results

With our measures, we achieved a continuous increase in the acceptance of lifestyle products in the retail trade.
An increase in product turnover and a reduction in inventories in the dealer organization also quickly became apparent.
The successful conception and implementation of different training formats (offline and online) continuously increased the sales know-how of the employees in the retail organization.
In addition, we created a visual merchandising guideline for the uniform presentation of goods.
Through the conception of target group-oriented marketing strategies and measures, we achieved technical support for the retail organization in sell-out activities.
As an additional communication measure, a weekly newsletter was introduced for the HO and Area Managers Aftersales.
The specially developed Field Force PEGASUS app, for the use of tablets in the field, was used to retrieve information in real time and to analyze it directly at the POI.

Our know-how

Our many years of experience and the fast and professional use of our network led to the achievement of the project goals. The personal on-site support by experienced Field Force Consultants was decisive for a high-quality result. The development and simultaneous implementation of focused sales strategies for product marketing were also a decisive instrument.
Specially designed training and coaching sessions for employees were able to significantly optimize the retail performance.

Our added value for the customer

Our success as a management consultancy is characterised by our work with our customers at eye level. In our projects, no commitment of our own personnel capacities and resources is necessary. In interdisciplinary teams, we develop the market in a target-oriented and active manner, always in the focus of exploiting potential. We use innovative strategies and a fast, direct implementation.
From planning to execution, you receive everything from a single source.

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