Increase in customer satisfaction in the automotive after-sales service area.

Increase in customer satisfaction in the automotive after-sales service area.

The aim of our measures should lead to an increase in customer satisfaction in service and, by achieving the “Best in Segment” award, guarantee an outstanding track record – to professionalise the target markets and strengthen the vehicle brand as a whole.

Our mission

The main task of the project was to increase customer satisfaction in service until the “Best in Segment” award was achieved.

Our work

Our experts have designed and implemented a total of five work packages:
1. Development and execution of comprehensive market analyses of the competition, analysis of the benchmark, customer satisfaction and the social media sector
2. A precise definition of the packages of measures, including monitoring of KPIs and subsequent implementation
3. Professional consulting and support of the target markets
4. Conception of trainings (in-house in the trade organisation as well as web-based trainings) and workshops in the field of brand behaviour and implementation of a customer journey in the companies
5. Conception of targeted marketing measures such as film, planning of give-aways as well as POS measures for the individual stores

Our results

We have achieved our project goal by professionalizing the target markets. This also led to a significant increase in customer satisfaction. The creation of an international training portfolio sustainably increased the value of our client’s brand.

Our know-how

Within the framework of a well thought-out concept of training, marketing measures and workshops, our experts implement their industry know-how in a targeted manner.
Above all, sound knowledge and experience with the OEM led to the success of the project.

Our added value for the customer

We have succeeded in creating an increase in customer satisfaction in the retail sector as an additional value lever. As a result, it was possible to strengthen the brand worldwide per market. By working in partnership with our customers, we were also able to build up further competencies in this project with integrated project management.

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