Elaboration and tendering of just-in-sequence processes within a series production.

Elaboration and tendering of just-in-sequence processes within a series production.

For our automotive OEM customer, we were already involved from the greenfield planning stage onwards with the holistic elaboration and subsequent tendering of all just-in-sequence processes within assembly logistics. This area of responsibility includes the triggering of requirements and the delivery of parts as well as the handling of packaging and empties. We were also responsible for route planning, the overall time coordination of all component suppliers, the planning and implementation of logistics processes and the development of emergency strategies.

Our mission

In this project, our task included the holistic and equally detailed consideration of all JIS delivery processes in assembly. Further goals were the planning of access routes, ancillary areas and machine requirements already in the early planning phase of a new plant (greenfield). The elaboration of emergency strategies, the definition of ordering processes including their temporal and process-related procedures were part of our order. In addition, a detailed planning of repair, maintenance and logistics areas was to be drawn up, taking internal OEM standards into account. The overall concept was converted into a tender document and then the validation of possible suppliers was carried out on the basis of agreed criteria.

Our work

The following work steps were carried out professionally by us:
1. The delivery planning including route, loading and unloading strategy
2. Space planning in the areas of logistics and internal transport
3. Close coordination of logistics process flows and integration into an overall process landscape
4. Flexible adaptation of processes to boundary conditions
5. The preparation of a transparent and complete tender document
6. A comprehensible bid evaluation and award recommendation

Our results

Our experts provided a JIS process landscape coordinated with all other trades, as well as transparency regarding the quantity and quality of technical equipment in this logistics area.
A coordinated and comprehensive tender document was successfully implemented. We provided the specialist departments with comparable offer structures and a comprehensible supplier recommendation.

Our know-how

Thanks to our industry know-how in the field of logistics, we were able to achieve our goal with our strong project team within the timeframe to full customer satisfaction. We used our experience in logistics processes and new plant start-ups from previous projects. The international experience of our employees also led to a safe and punctual project success.

Our added value for the customer

Above all, we were able to set a milestone through the independent work of our team of experts. Thus we achieved a relief of the internal specialized departments of our client. We used our experience from other projects with similar requirements and were able to use synergy effects successfully – the coordinated project results helped our customer to a smooth plant start-up.

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