Feasibility study of an industry 4.0 solution for a medium-sized component supplier.

Feasibility study of an industry 4.0 solution for a medium-sized component supplier.

Innovative medium-sized manufacturing companies are also looking for advantages in digitization and industry 4.0. Choosing the right strategy at the right time is crucial to achieving real competitive advantages. Digitisation is never seen as a means to an end in itself.


Our mission

Together with our customer from the medium-sized manufacturing sector, we tackled the topic of “Using new digital production structures”. Here it was important to integrate the various international production sites and their machining centres into the overall view. Our task was to create a concept for technical, economic feasibility with the target of “batch size flexible, worldwide production”. A further task was the discussion of organizational forms of the production sites to be networked worldwide.

Our work

At first the technical evaluation of the produced parts took place. As there was a high level of variant production of the components, not every customer order could be placed promptly and above all efficiently up to then. Many end customers required individual solutions in small quantities, for which new settings in the machining centres and production processes were necessary. High set-up times and enormous organisational effort were necessary. By bundling similar components worldwide, synergy effects on the process and cost side should be leveraged.

Our results

We were able to successfully implement the project with a feasibility study according to the specifications and wishes of our client, even under the fulfilment of the time requirements. Success factors were the overall process consideration (order disposition, material logistics, overall international production planning), clustering of the variant spectrum and examination of the technical feasibility of distributed production in our customer’s production network.
The technical side of the feasibility study resulted in the possible integration of the international production areas into a higher-level virtual MES (Manufacturing Execution System) and led to the successful completion of the study with a possible future schedule.

Our know-how

Special knowledge of MES was a prerequisite for rapid project success. Experiences in the conception of plant automation and plant communication were further cornerstones to conclude this topic to customer satisfaction.

Our added value for the customer

We see ourselves as a sparring partner with deep technical competence, supporting our customers at eye level. Our customer was amazed at what is technically feasible and has been used in other industries for some time. But in long discussion rounds it also became clear that not everything that is technically feasible is also conducive to the overall orientation of our customer.

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