Quality concept for a remanufacturing process.

Quality concept for a remanufacturing process.

Our team of experts developed a quality concept for the remanufacturing of vehicle engines for a significant increase in efficiency and a visible competitive advantage.

Our mission

The order in this project was to record the actual state within the remanufacturing process of "Reman" engines. The identification of gaps within the process was decisive for the further success of the project. Together with our client, we worked out suitable solutions and certain relevant areas of responsibility.
The aim was to implement a quality assurance position within the existing processes. In addition, supplier qualification in the sense of OEM standards was to be achieved.

Our work

The following work packages were carried out:
1. the comparison of the existing maturity model with focus on future interfaces and process partners.
2. identifying process and responsibility gaps. This included a review of the existing process documents, a thorough evaluation of these and the subsequent identification of erroneous documents and processes.
3. the professional accompaniment in the selection of suppliers and their qualification with on-site presence and reliable technical advice by our experienced team of experts.

Our results

The consistent elaboration of a concept tailored to the company is the starting point for improving product and process quality. The individual product-specific requirements within the remanufacturing of engines and drivetrain components were decisive here.
In addition, it was essential to clarify and anchor the responsibilities of the OEM.
Our results are defined and specified documents for release for each product or engine series to be reprocessed, which can be processed uniformly with all process partners.

Our know-how

Our experts have already acquired specific technical knowledge in the field of engine remanufacturing. Synergies with factory planning and special know-how in setting up production facilities as well as integration into existing production processes also contributed to significant success. The targeted exploitation of network synergies - also outside the OEM/supplier circle - kept the project goal on course. A high understanding of technical function and quality standards led to a successful project result.

Our added value for the customer

Thanks to our experience with proven methods and tools, we achieved a targeted workflow at the OEM and supplier. The revision-proof elaboration of processes also led to added value. We benefited from a transparent way of working within the departments involved. This prepared the customer for a production-ready implementation of product and process.

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