Certification and quality management for automotive lifestyle articles.

Certification and quality management for automotive lifestyle articles.

The use of a central certification and quality management system for merchandising and lifestyle articles was the focus of our customer’s order and led decisively to success.

Our mission

Our main task was to ensure consistent and timely product conformity of merchandising and lifestyle articles for the core markets EU, USA, China, Russia, Korea, Japan, Mexico, Brazil and Canada.

Our work

The main task was to determine the proper product and packaging labelling of the import markets under consideration and to determine the necessary test scopes. A partial order was the screening for legal requirements of the import markets under consideration.
An important step was the definition of labelling, product labelling and test scope.
The systematic control and efficient troubleshooting during product and collection creation led to a successful result.

Our results

We developed numerous decision matrices for market requirements at product group level, which could be used to define a suitable standardized test scope for each product supplier and product.

The introduction of an internal monitoring system has made it possible to professionalise risk assessment in the definition of test scopes.

The definition of processes and workflows in relation to certification requirements was also important. The final result was recommendations for product closures and releases with regard to labelling, labelling and product documentation.

Our know-how

We have a broad spectrum of know-how in the areas of certification, product labelling and product safety for the following product groups: Textiles, bags, suitcases, toys (also electronic), watches, sunglasses, office utensils, food contact products (e.g. drinking containers, pots, cutlery etc.), electronic products (incl. radio), bicycles and kids mobility (e.g. tricycles, ride-ons, wheels etc.).

For the product groups mentioned, requirement profiles could thus be created which, through regular legal screening, always corresponded to the currently valid requirements.

In detail, this included legal requirements, country-specific homologation requirements and the listing of relevant national standards as well as the costing of the standards.
A professional supplier and quality management system, including auditing, checked and ensured that mandatory requirements were met. To this end, suitable suppliers are evaluated and selected and then processes and cooperation are coordinated.

Our added value for the customer

With the successful implementation of our measures, we were able to guarantee marketing security for the products we supported.
In addition, a significant reduction or optimization of test costs was achieved. In detail, this concerned the avoidance of import difficulties caused by inadequate labelling, inadequate product labelling, missing test reports, certificates, etc.


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