Collaboration and lobbying for worldwide automotive legislation at association level.

Collaboration and lobbying for worldwide automotive legislation at association level.

Tailor-made law research and analysis in the automotive industry, including research into technical barriers to trade, require a well-developed network, experience and know-how in global law monitoring. Knowledge of the working methods of higher-level associations and state commissions can also be used here in a targeted manner and bring clear added value.


Our mission

Our core task in this project was the ongoing monitoring and research of worldwide draft laws, amendments and rumours for technical trade barriers in the automotive environment. The focus was on promoting communication between association members, representatives of automobile manufacturers, association employees and other association representatives.

Our work

Our experts conducted law research and analysis (in detail the summary and user-friendly presentation of identified topics) of all topics dealt with in the automotive legislation environment and researched relevant technical barriers to trade. A further step was to set up and maintain an information platform for identified topics (Collaboration Tool). Another important milestone of the project was the communication and implementation of a contact network within the association. The aim here was to establish coordinated positions in good time for the purpose of lobbying and commenting on legislation.

Our results

Our experts were able to produce timely and accurate reports and summaries on identified topics and news. A successful administration and content support of the information platform (Collaboration Tool) took place for all collected topics. Regular calls and telephone conferences to retrieve news and important information were initiated for members.

Our know-how

A well-developed network and professional know-how for global legal monitoring led to a good track record in this project. The sound technical knowledge of our experts in relation to non-tariff trade barriers in the automotive environment worldwide delivered fast project results. In doing so, we make targeted use of our knowledge of working methods in higher-level associations and state commissions.

Our added value for the customer

In this project, the customer was given a timely overview of newly developed draft laws and amendments. We were able to quickly identify trading needs and identified deadlines for the implementation of legal requirements. By means of the verification of rumours and planned legal requirements, we were able to support our customers in important decisions across national borders.

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