Consulting and expertise for sustainable certification and quality management for merchandising & lifestyle products.

Consulting and expertise for sustainable certification and quality management for merchandising & lifestyle products.

For our customer in the automotive industry, we provided comprehensive, customer-oriented services to ensure a certification and quality management system for merchandising and lifestyle articles. This included all different lifestyle and merchandising collections to ensure to certify and license these products for international core markets.

Our project mission

The goal of our project assignment included the development of a certification and quality management system across all product groups of the entire lifestyle collection.
In particular, this included support in setting up a system for compliance with product conformity and international testing and certification requirements. A special focus was placed on selected core markets such as EU and China.
A further objective was the development of a risk-based approach and the revision of internal processes, documents, and working procedures.

Our approach

In order to be able to provide a holistic certification and quality management system for our customer, this included various working fields.
The project started with an assessment of relevant working streams and receiving an overview of relevant information.
In collaboration with our customer, we created a risk-based decision making scheme, including rules which test documents and certificates are needed for importing to international core markets. Despite that, we focused on answering ad-hoc market requests and upcoming questions regarding product conformity and international product compliance.
Another main task included defining labeling and packaging requirements for all different lifestyle and merchandising articles. Including the establishment of a product specification sheets on a product category level.
We supported our customer with a continuous screening and documentation on new regulatory laws, regulations and draft decrees covering the chosen core markets from our customer. This screening refers to different product categories covered in the lifestyle collections.

Our results

During the project we provided our customer clear, recently updated and complete working documents which ensured product conformity for international core markets. This includes the evaluation of product profile sheets, product specific requirement catalogues, which then will be adjusted, approved, and afterwards trained to the staff.
These adaptions and recommendations per product group, including check lists for labeling requirements, enabled us to provide a smoother and continously improved working process for product certification.

Our know-how

Our expertise and know-how for international product requirements, labeling requirements and securing product safety requirements enabled us to provide this know-how to our customer. This includes detailed knowledge for international core markets based on the level of different product categories.
Our understanding of international homologation can be adapted to following product categories: food contact products, apparal, soft & hard luggage, electrical products, CE products (like watches, sunglasses) and other merchandising articles.

Our added value for customers

We supported the establishment of a quality management system in order to have all required product conformity and permitting requirements for lifestyle products continoulsy improved. Our customer was able to optimise the internal product development process and could guarantee international conform products.
Our customer benefits significantly from a minimised risk of non conform prodcuts.

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