Ensuring component conformity with a focus on product certification and marking.
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Ensuring component conformity with a focus on product certification and marking.

For our automotive customer in the specialist area of homologation, we worked intensively on ensuring component conformity with a focus on product certification and marking. As an essential component of the project, the development and implementation of a new certificate management system was expertly accompanied and operationally supported.

Our mission

The project assignment included a large number of work packages to support the processes of product certification and labelling of automotive components from engineering to import logistics in the target countries. The focus was on ensuring component conformity by the reliable identification and implementation of requirements in the development of new vehicles, the provision of correct and complete information for type approval and the support of the certificate management system as a central source of information.

Our work

In addition to organizing and delivering regular online training courses for users of the certificate management system, training videos were designed and produced to introduce the system's functionalities and to explain the competencies and responsibilities in product certification. In addition, we were responsible for registration and role assignment in the certificate management system and for the professional support of the system users.

Weekly reports on the status of product certification and type approvals for current vehicle projects served to ensure the availability of the certificates and type approvals for each project in the certificate management system. This was supported by the migration of type approvals and product certificates (ECE, CCC, SNI, AIS, INMETRO, DOT, VSCC) from all specialist areas to the certificate management system.

Particular attention was paid to ensuring that certificates were complete and up-to-date prior to the COP audits at the production plants. In addition, a management cockpit for certification and marking was maintained and updated. This also included the monitoring of certificate validity and the tracking of document updates in the system.

The monitoring and synchronization of resourcing/relocation of certification-relevant component volumes with the type approval as well as the analysis and evaluation of newly provided documents for relevance to the type approval were regular tasks. The ongoing analysis and correction of the syntax and plausibility of data records in the certificate management system ensured data quality.

At the interface to quality management, we worked on the preparation of the alignment of component markings with certificate contents within the scope of the sample check and created a weekly monitoring of the sample checks. Parts logistics was supported by the clarification of inquiries and problem cases regarding the importability of components especially to China.

Our results

The provision of information and support services for users of the certificate management system led to the enhancement of system usage and acceptance.
The development processes were assured of a high level of transparency regarding the certification status of relevant component ranges of current and future vehicle series through regular monitoring and updates.
The completion, consolidation and optimization of the data base through migration as well as syntax checking and correction measurably improved the data quality.
Existing type approvals were kept compliant by monitoring the dynamic database for changes relevant to type approvals in order to adapt the type approval documents quickly.
Ensuring the consistency of certificate data and component markings and solving import problems at short notice avoided or eliminated supply risks.

Our know-how

Thanks to our broad expertise, we were able to support our customers in a targeted and efficient manner. In this project, our experience in the field of product certification and marking was particularly in demand. However, our network of contacts to various OEM suppliers also proves to be a valuable building block. By participating in the development and implementation of proprietary IT systems, we were also able to successfully contribute knowledge from this area.

Our added value for the customer

Our customer benefited from the consistent implementation of certification requirements by component suppliers, as delays and reworking in the type approval processes were largely avoided.

The completeness, up-to-dateness and transparency of the approval-relevant documentation on OEM internal systems creates confidence and trust towards approval authorities and other accredited bodies.

The immediate clarification of individual import problems for serial parts ensured the supply of production and avoided cost-intensive disruptions in the production flow.

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