Ensuring the conformity of automotive aftermarket products in international markets with certification and marking systems.
Automotive-OEM, Entwicklungsbereich

Ensuring the conformity of automotive aftermarket products in international markets with certification and marking systems.

For our customer from the automotive industry we provided services to ensure correct certification and general importability for original parts and accessories for the systems CCC (China), InMetro (Brazil), EAC (Eurasian Customs Union), KC (South Korea) and SNI (Indonesia).
The project included legal research and monitoring of the above systems, parts analysis and definition, support of implementation scenarios along the supply chain, market support and ongoing import control.

Our mission

As part of the project assignment, we supported all areas of competence to ensure product conformity. From legal analysis and interpretation, parts definition and supplier communication or process implementation to market support and ongoing import control.
In addition, the latest legal changes for internal committees were contributed to the client in the form of reports. This made it possible to avoid the risk of import discrepancies by implementing the necessary steps at an early stage.
Through the direct, daily exchange with import markets, we were able to react immediately to any problems that arose and maintain general import capability of the product portfolio.

Our work

In order to be able to sustainably secure the import capability, the legal background for the commissioned markets/certification systems was researched and the currently valid legal requirements were worked out and communicated promptly. Subsequently, the product portfolio, which may be affected by the respective legislation, was analysed and monitored using specially developed monitoring tools. After internal coordination to implement the legal requirements, we supported the implementation of new, necessary processes along the supply chain, as well as system adjustments and communication with the affected suppliers. As a final step, we supported problem cases and import enquiries that arose in direct contact with import markets in order to ensure a smooth import process and thus the ongoing availability of aftermarket products.

Our results

We provided our customer with clear evaluations in the form of reports for current legal changes in order to be informed promptly about requirements and consequences of legal changes. In addition, we made recommendations on how to deal with changes in the law and whether specific action was required. Our specially developed monitoring and mapping tools provided a market-specific overview of all relevant components and their current conformity status. In addition, our tools allowed a quick and precise analysis of the entire product portfolio with regard to its certification relevance. Process adaptations both locally and in the target market enabled components to be continuously imported in compliance with the law, and any discrepancies that arose were resolved by ad-hoc support.

Our know-how

Thanks to our expertise in automotive parts and components, their design, installation position, benefits, materials and intended use, we were able to provide our customers with specific information regarding component evaluation and relevance. Our large network of component suppliers ensured fast troubleshooting and import security. Thanks to our deep understanding of technical regulations, we were able to provide our customers with precisely tailored interpretations and evaluations in accordance with their responsibilities. Our understanding and knowledge of the supply chain and logistical processes for the import of components in foreign markets and our know-how in process implementation and optimization also helped us to smoothly integrate requirements for product conformity into existing business processes.

Our added value for the customer

For our customers we supported a smooth transition from serial components to spare parts with regard to certification requirements and their consistent implementation in the best possible way. A suitable and target-oriented parts management in all affected target markets along the supply chain ensured availability in the sales markets. Any import problems that nevertheless arose were quickly resolved by prompt clarification on a case-by-case basis. The early recognition and evaluation of new requirements and the consistent development of solutions ensure the continuous import capability in the target market.

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