Monitoring and implementation of worldwide automotive after-sales requirements in sales.
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Monitoring and implementation of worldwide automotive after-sales requirements in sales.

A large number of legal requirements for after-sales products are permanently changing the automotive industry. In this special project, we were able to assist in systematically recording, documenting and sustainably preparing complex regulations in order to be appropriately equipped in the relevant markets. In particular, the active use of our global network and the targeted use of our industry know-how led to the planned project goal.

Our mission

Our main task was to monitor the worldwide legal requirements for automotive after-sales products for a total of 57 import markets.
The objective was to identify and prepare all export/import relevant regulations for automotive spare parts and accessories.
Our core task was to define the requirements for implementation and change along the supply chain until the successful import of the products in the target market.

Our work

Our work packages in this project included three main to-dos:

1. the continuous monitoring and review of all relevant sources for the import markets served as well as the subsequent recording. This should be followed by a detailed preparation of all laws, regulations, norms and standards that are at least at a draft stage and concern the product portfolio being managed.

2. preparing and communicating summaries, including the identified need for action and the impact of the legal requirement. This should be done in the form of a report in English for each identified topic.

3. the filling and maintenance of a specially developed database consisting of all recorded legal topics for tracking and controlling with the corresponding interface partners such as neighbouring departments, importers and national sales companies.

Our results

In detail, we prepared export/import relevant regulations for automotive spare parts and accessories and summarized them in reports such as newsletters and reports. An additional planning matrix documented the result and ensured continuous monitoring of the identified topics. The preparation of identified requirements for the affected interfaces and the subsequent communication made it possible to quickly enable implementation. Market enquiries were accepted, processed and answered via an OEM-internal collective mailbox. Special implementation topics such as obtaining customs certificates and certificates could also be handled professionally through targeted supplier management. In this way we were able to create value in the long term through our measures.

Our know-how

Our experts used a specially developed research methodology to monitor all relevant sales markets for the product portfolio under consideration. The specialist departments make use of the technical knowledge and industry know-how in the automotive components sector and implement the legal requirements professionally. The use of our global network led above all to the planned project goal through special country-specific knowledge for market requirements and the ongoing import business.

Our added value for the customer

In this project, we were also able to develop solutions that strengthened the workload. By using an early warning system, information about legal changes can now be distributed in a timely and targeted manner. The main advantage of this is the success of being able to take changes into account at an early stage and to communicate them to the relevant departments afterwards. A further added value for our client is the assurance of importability and marketing security with regard to labelling, labelling and central documentation of work results and recommendations for action.

Continuous documentation within the aftersales organisation pays off in the long term. Our experts were able to guarantee this through central maintenance and preparation of all identified requirements.

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