Product management and development for motorcycle rider equipment.

Product management and development for motorcycle rider equipment.

The motorcycle rider’s equipment segment must correspond to imports and distributions into certain markets via particularly proven characteristics with regard to the protection of the rider. Complete certification and conformity must be ensured. Our experts carry out the procedure with professional industry know-how about legal requirements for the respective markets.

Our mission

We received the order to ensure a timely and complete certification and conformity for personal protective equipment – abbreviated PSA – with a focus on the systems CCC from China, DOT from USA, EAC from Russia, Inmetro from Brazil as well as CE from the European Union.

Our work

The project was divided into 5 steps:
1. the content and formal verification of the CE documentation produced for newly developed products from the PPE collection, which consist of gloves, boots, jackets and overalls and which are already in the portfolio.
2. professional support from our experts in the preparation of specifications and product-related advice during development in all aspects of product conformity and certification.
3. the execution as an interface function between the product supplier and test and inspection institutes. This also includes ongoing communication with the relevant import markets with the aim of achieving and securing regulated product conformity and the import of the products.
4. preparing updates and necessary adaptations of technical specifications or product requirements. The basis of our work here are changes or innovations to the legal basis.
5. professional handling of customs documentation and internal document monitoring to ensure that import activities and audits comply with the law.

Our results

With our measures, we were able to control the relevant interface partners, with the result that protective clothing was fully certified.
The proof of conformity including labelling and other markings for international markets such as China, USA, Russia and Brazil was also successfully provided. Our experts succeeded in enabling and advising selected product suppliers to independently handle the certification requirements.

Our know-how

In order to secure a competitive advantage for our customers, we were able to professionally apply our knowledge of legal requirements for the respective markets in the areas of personal protective equipment and textile products. Our customers were supported during product development by needs-based advice on material selection, design and the corresponding requirements. Our experts gave professional advice to the product suppliers on the operation of CE test benches (fall simulators) that were to be used specially. Industry knowledge of label requirements for PPE and textile products for the international markets China, USA, Russia and Brazil finally led to tailor-made solutions.

Our added value for the customer

We were able to significantly increase the sales potential by obtaining the sales capability for the entire driver equipment portfolio on a regulated basis. Important for our client was also an input for budget planning under the special aspect of certification and conformity requirements. The reliable control of test laboratories and testing institutes meant that the specified material samples could be tested on time and within budget. A consultation on technical requirements during the product development helped a positive development of the project.

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