Quality assurance and QM process implementation for complete vehicle type approvals at EU level.

Quality assurance and QM process implementation for complete vehicle type approvals at EU level.

Not only since the manipulations in the context of the diesel scandal the approval process for exhaust and noise emissions has been in particular focus within the total vehicle type approval. In recent years, emissions regulations in the EU and worldwide have been modified and tightened at short intervals. The constant need to adapt documents and the complex interaction between technical services and various authorities in order to obtain system and whole vehicle type approvals holds considerable potential for errors. We help our customer to identify these discrepancies and correct them in all relevant documents to ensure comprehensive data quality.

Our mission

The project assignment included the initial concept, implementation and ongoing operation of a multi-stage control and quality assurance process. The objective was to ensure the completeness and correctness of test reports, system approvals and the components of the whole vehicle type approval with a focus on exhaust and noise emissions for the upcoming vehicle derivatives of an automobile manufacturer.

In addition to the emission approval documents for the European Union, the documents for the emission approvals required worldwide were also included in the testing process.

Our work

The work package included 4 parts:
1. Content quality assurance and change management of test reports of a technical service against the related manufacturer-internal documents (e. g. measurement results from the test bench or vehicle specifications).
2. An exact comparison of the system approval documents for exhaust and noise emissions issued by the European type-approval authorities against the test reports of the technical services.
3. A comparison of the consolidated test results from the Annex to the overall vehicle type-approval with the associated system approvals.
4. The preparation of audit reports detailing formal and substantive discrepancies in the documents for the purpose of targeted correction and updating of the documents concerned.

Our results

By means of a standardized test protocol we were able to create a comprehensive documentation of each test procedure. Deviations and their follow-up in the form of a defect image and the source of the defect were presented clearly and promptly. These results and the correction of discrepancies make a lasting contribution to avoiding risks in the approval process.

Our know-how

The conception and subsequent effective use of a tool for the structured verification and documentation of the inspection results ensured the prompt and rapid implementation of the document checks for our client. In doing so, we were able to apply our specialist knowledge of the contents of test reports, system approvals and accompanying documents in the overall vehicle type approval process - with a focus on emissions of exhaust gases and noise.

Our added value for the customer

Reliable identification of any necessary corrections in the type-approval-relevant documents created trust and security in the cooperation with the approving bodies.
This led to the avoidance of subsequent complications and delays in obtaining overall vehicle type approval.
Correct and consistent approval documents towards authorities and accredited bodies ensured the timely granting of overall vehicle type approvals for new vehicle models at the start of production or marketing.

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