Worldwide legal monitoring and requirements management for automotive vision systems.

Worldwide legal monitoring and requirements management for automotive vision systems.

Worldwide legal requirements for current technical standards must be meticulously complied with for visual systems. A system for monitoring these requirements informs the specialist departments of our client in good time.

Our mission

The aim of our contract was to monitor and evaluate legal changes and innovations to technical standards in 23 international markets for automotive vision systems. This includes exterior mirrors, camera systems, interior mirrors, direction indicators, apron lights and manoeuvring lights.

Our work

Our experts first implemented an Early Warning System (EWS) for the worldwide monitoring of legal requirements. This serves the monitoring and early detection of requirements for homologation and market-related approval of vision systems for the import markets served.

Our results

In order to communicate necessary innovations in a targeted manner, we developed a report template which continuously shows news and changes in the legal requirements of the affected focus markets. An ongoing comparison of new and current legal requirements for all other countries in the overall view could be ensured by the preparation of monthly reports.

Our know-how

We professionally carried out monitoring measures of legal requirements using our own research methodology and researched relevant information relevant to the needs of all affected products of our client.

Our added value for the customer

Through our project work, our client received an early warning system that provides timely information about changes and news regarding legal requirements. This system can already be considered and incorporated during the development phase of new products and thus enables a secure project progress.

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