Donation campaign Heide-Treff.

Donation campaign Heide-Treff.

What began as the result of a teambuilding event organised by the Munich Consulting Group was fulfilled in the donation campaign to the Heide-Treff. In October 2018, Dr. Christian Grams, CEO of the Munich Consulting Group, ceremoniously handed over the soapboxes, which had been specially built by the Munich Consulting Group employees during the summer event 2018, to the management of the Heide-Treff.

The Munich Consulting Group focuses on people. For the employees, this also means that every year a team event in summer and a big Christmas party are held. In summer 2018 there was a showdown at the soap box race on the Lower Firstalm at the Schliersee – homemade, of course.
After a briefing by the support team, the teams of employees, who were randomly selected by lot, set out to build the soapboxes. There were no limits to the imagination.
Afterwards the teams fought for the best times in the soapbox race. In the overall standings consisting of the race times as well as the creativity and execution shown in soap box construction, the green MCGator was finally able to secure first place.
There is no question that the soapboxes then found a new home temporarily in the office of the Munich Consulting Group.

MCG Soapboxes

As part of the Munich Consulting Group's social commitment, Dr. Christian Grams, CEO of Munich Consulting Group, ceremoniously handed over the soapboxes to the management of the Heide-Treff in October 2018. As part of Kinderschutz München (formerly Kinderschutz e.V.), the Heide-Treff is an important family base in the north of Munich.
The Child Protection Munich has the goal to promote children and young people in their development and to protect them from neglect and abuse and is a recognized free carrier of the child and youth welfare service according to § 75 SGB VIII.
The Heide-Treff offers a wide range of activities, from parent-child gymnastics and language and integration courses for families with a migration background to easy playgrounds for children.
Thanks to the donation of the Munich Consulting Group, the lovingly and elaborately designed soapboxes of Munich Consulting Group employees will also be used in the future.

Further information about the work of Kinderschutz München and Heide-Treff can be found at:

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