The use of chatbots in the car dealership.
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The use of chatbots in the car dealership.

Who likes to hang around in the proverbial telephone waiting loop at the car dealership to ask if their vehicle is ready for delivery?
Today, good customer service is one of the most important factors in winning and keeping customers. It is therefore essential to make the customer experience as positive as possible and to improve it continuously. One way of doing this could be to automate customer support by means of a chat bot.

Integration of messenger chats

Large car dealerships are already reacting to this trend by integrating messenger chats such as "WhatsApp" into their customer support. This means that standard enquiries can be answered quickly and efficiently, even outside normal business hours. To this end, chat bots in the background of the app provide automated answers, similar to a FAQ.
According to a study by "Yougov" and "Messenger People", feedback via messenger chats is useful for 57% of the test customers surveyed. 69 % would use this function to make appointments, and even complaints and criticism would be handled by 48 % of respondents. The most important argument cited is the independence of opening hours and the absence of waiting loops.


Increase of the customer experience

For car dealerships, the integration of a chatbot is not only useful for customer support in the after-sales area, but also for the active sales process. With the integration of a chat offer, potential buyers can receive quick and individual answers to their questions and thus, if necessary, go through the next step in the buying process. In addition, by using chat offers, dealers can collect and analyse enquiries from (potential) customers and forward them to trained sales staff, which in the best case leads to the conclusion of a sale.

Effective lead generation

In the age of digitalization, Messenger Chats could be the perfect solution to increase customer satisfaction / loyalty and sales as well as reduce important resources such as time and costs. It is easy to collect data and information that is essential to generate important leads. In addition, chatbots can help to strengthen brand development by conveying brand personality and creating positive brand experiences.

Munich Consulting Group's Marketing & Sales division is focusing more strongly on the development of digital solutions and is enabling itself with know-how on chatbots, primarily for the trade organization of the automotive industry. Due to the current "corona" situation, but also in general in the course of the transformation and digitalization of the car trade, a chatbot is a useful platform for service or product inquiries for both the trade and the customer.

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