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The future of the independent workshop – In conflict between personal customer contact and digitization.

What must an independent workshop do to remain competitive in the long term? What is the current position of smaller businesses in particular and what digitization measures are necessary to ensure future viability in rural areas as well? Which processes can be automated without losing personal customer contact and what kind of consulting services must an independent workshop offer today with regard to spare parts to be fitted?

These and other questions were addressed by the Munich Consulting Group in a field study in the region of Oberfranken/Oberpfalz, in which 51 smaller independent workshops were asked to assess the current situation.


Audits of automobile dealerships in the era of COVID-19.

How can audits take place when general exit and travel restrictions apply? To ensure that the evaluation of processes, structures and guidelines against the required standards in companies and their environment can continue to be carried out during the Corona period, an implementation had to be developed in a short time without the presence of the auditor on site.

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The use of chatbots in the car dealership.

Today, good customer service is one of the most important factors in winning and keeping customers. It is therefore essential to make the customer experience as positive as possible and to improve it continuously. One way of doing this could be to automate customer support by means of a chat bot.

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