Growth market caravanning – New ways in sales and afersales.

Growth market caravanning – New ways in sales and afersales.

Despite an ongoing corona pandemic and uncertainty about the further course of the disease, the Germans’ desire to travel still remains. Only a change in priorities can be observed: instead of package holidays by plane or adventurous long-distance trips, caravanning in Germany and Europe is more and more popular.

Last year, 78,290 units, more recreational vehicles were registered in Germany than ever before. This positive development is likely to intensify in the Corona year 2020: a total of more than 16,000 recreational vehicles were newly registered in July – an increase of over 85.6 % compared to the same month of the previous year and thus the best result ever recorded for a single month. For manufacturers and retailers of recreational vehicles, however, this trend does not only mean increasing sales figures – because challenges such as overcrowded campsites, restrictions on wild camping and long waiting times for rental caravans are the other side of the coin. But there is extensive potential for manufacturers and dealers, particularly in the area of ​​“service”, to master these challenges and thus to realize a lasting positive customer experience.

Additional services as a competitive advantage

In addition to regular sales and aftersales, the development of additional offers is becoming increasingly important for manufacturers and retailers to be successful in the long term. It is no longer just about the vehicle itself or the repair with high-quality parts, but also about a positive customer experience within the entire customer journey. How i. a. the following exemplary concepts:

Customization configurator for customer-specific vehicle properties

The trend towards individualization is not only present in the car segment. Long gone are the days when every motorhome had to look the same. Manufacturers in the caravanning industry are now also able to use what is known as an individualization configurator to configure and produce a product variant outside of the standard range exactly according to customer requirements. Whether it is the exterior colour, tires or interior fittings – the customer can choose from a range of different features to put together his motorhome according to his own ideas on the manufacturer’s website. Because ultimately, customer-specific product variants increase customer satisfaction and have a positive effect on customer relationship management.

Usage of an app to guarantee a parking space at the campsite

Overcrowded campsites and unnerved campers – this picture in particular can currently be seen on the domestic campsites and spoils the travel pleasure of numerous caravanning customers. So how about caravanning manufacturers and dealers creating a holistic ecosystem, away from pure sales service, which also supports customers in matters such as a “parking space guarantee”? For example, when renting out motorhomes, the development of a platform for manufacturers and dealers as a solution on which the planning of the vehicle fleet and that of free parking spaces can be precisely coordinated. In the form of an additional app, the customer has the option of directly accessing the database of the platform in order to automatically rent a parking space for free at the preferred campsite for the desired period. Long waiting times for customers and the accumulation of too much “dead” capital are a thing of the past.

In summary, customers don’t just want to buy a vehicle, they want emotion and individuality at the same time. Ideally, along the entire customer journey. To achieve this, both manufacturers and retailers have to rethink their approach and create sustainable benefits for customers. Additional services or the provision of a holistic ecosystem turn out to be decisive factors for a high market share in the future. For this reason, the Munich Consulting Group is currently focusing on potential implementation options for such an ecosystem in order to sustainably increase the customer experience in the caravan industry.

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