The motorcycle season starts - the battle for service customers begins!

The motorcycle season starts - the battle for service customers begins!

Finally, it's time to get going again! New passes are explored and countless curves want to be conquered. The throttle hand is already tingling and you can hardly wait to race across the asphalt again.
In order to be well equipped and carefree to swing on his bike, the service should be made before absolutely at the dealer of confidence.
But which one is actually the dealer you trust?

Vacation on the asphalt.

Last year a significant increase in new registrations of motorcycles in Germany (+17.2%)1 was made. This is mainly due to the extension of the passenger car driving license (class B) to 125cc motorcycles, but also to the Corona pandemic. It was not possible to take many larger vacation trips in 2020 due to the restrictions, which meant that more budget was available for hobbies and leisure activities. Another side effect of the pandemic is the increase in individual traffic, which mainly benefits the moped and scooter segment.

Promotion of contract workshops ...

The battle for service customers between authorized and independent workshops is taking place in both the motorcycle and automotive industries. For example, brand-affiliated authorized workshops are offering a wide range of service-inclusive offers and maintenance packages to compete with the traditionally busier independent workshops once the warranty period has expired.

... from the customer's perspective.

What does a service customer expect nowadays?
What are their minimum expectations in terms of price, appointments and time?
Does regular maintenance at the contractual partner and the installation of original parts increase the resale value of his machine and if so, is he aware of this?
Where does he actually find the best advice and why exactly here?
What are the quality and warranty differences between original and aftermarket parts and is the customer aware of them?

Within our "Customer & Business Solutions" product portfolio, we provide the answers to all the above questions and, with our "Product & Marketing" service module, offer the analysis and design of individual customer loyalty programs for contract workshops. In addition, with our "Field Force" module, we provide on-site training for workshop employees on request, right through to active support for the implementation of all defined measures at your company.

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We look forward to a potential cooperation and wish you a successful 2021 season!

1 Kraftfahrt Bundesamt, January 2021

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