Automotive CCC certification in China – Changes in the scope of certification by Announcement No. 44.

Automotive CCC certification in China – Changes in the scope of certification by Announcement No. 44.

From October 17th 2019, removed products (interior materials (CNCA-C11-09: 2014), door locks & hinges (CNCA-C11-10: 2014)) will no longer require CCC approval. The certification body must cancel issued CCC certificates for removed products. The above products may no longer be subject to mandatory product certification and the CCC certificates issued will become invalid.

Further exclusion of automotive products from the CCC obligation.

The CNCA Announcement No. 44 excludes further product categories from the CCC obligation. Thus this is a continuation of the reduction of CCC-compliant automotive product groups, which was already reduced in 2018 by the published Announcements No. 11 and No. 29.
In addition to the alarm systems, brake hoses, fanfare, fuel tanks and motorcycle engines from Announcement No. 11 and the reflectors from Announcement No. 29, interior materials, door locks and hinges are no longer subject to CCC certification with immediate effect.

Extension of the product scope for self-declaration.

With Announcement No 44, the product range for self-declaration was also extended. The following product categories are to be certified with the self-declaration scheme CCC from January 1st 2020:

  • Safety belts (CNCA-C11-04: 2014)
  • Exterior lighting and light signal device (CNCA-C11-07: 2014)
  • Seat and head restraint (CNCA-C11-04: 2014)
  • Rear view mirror (CNCA-C11-08: 2014)
  • Safety glass (CNCA-C13-01: 2014)

By October 31st 2020, all affected traditional CCC certificates must be converted into CCC self-declaration certificates.
Traditional CCC certificates will be cancelled on November 1st 2020.

Transition from traditional certificates to self-declaration.

Manufacturers of these products can choose between the traditional certification procedure and the CCC self-declaration until December 31st 2019.
From January 1st 2020, only a CCC self-declaration for new products/changes to certified products and ongoing certifications can be obtained and implemented. For the excluded CCC-relevant products (interior materials, door hinges & locks) the chinese GB Standards (GB 8410-2006, GB 15086-2013) continue to apply. In order to import or sell products legally in China, compliance with these chinese standards is essential.

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