Indonesia: Mandatory SNI certification for automotive audio/video components.
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Indonesia: Mandatory SNI certification for automotive audio/video components.

The SNI (Indonesian National Standard) marking of certain vehicle parts and components serves as proof of compliance with the corresponding Indonesian SNI standards and has passed Indonesian product and factory audits. Once the certificates have been issued and the marking is affixed to the product, it can be imported and marketed in Indonesia.

Standard to be fulfilled SNI 04-6253-2003 (based on MoI No. 15/2018)

Relevant types for vehicle manufacturers (OEMs):
1. television sets up to 42 inches, DVD and/or BluRay players (HS codes 8528.72.91, 8528.72.92, 8528.72.99, 8521.90.19 and 8521.90.99) provided that they are stand-alone devices, i.e. parts which fully comply with the following conditions:

  • function without the help of the car and
  • have their own power supply and
  • are not part of the overall system in the car.

2. control units (HS code beginning with 8527.21.00 and 8527.29.00)
3. active loudspeakers (HS codes 8518.21.10, 8518.21.90, 8518.22.10, 8518.22.90 and 8518.29.90)
4. set-top boxes for television sets, i.e. digital receivers for satellite, terrestrial and cable (HS code 8528.71.11)
5. flexible cable and connectors for audio, video and similar electronic equipment, provided that they are sold as a pure power supply or battery charger cable.

Transitional periods for the implementation of SNI certification

A/V spare parts without SNI certification can still be traded until 25.06.2021 under the following conditions:

  • Imported parts: Imported before 26.06.2019
  • Domestically manufactured spare parts: Passed into the ownership of OEMs or their dealers before 26.06.2019.
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