Internationalization of the caravan industry.

Internationalization of the caravan industry.

A recreational vehicle is not just a vehicle made up of individual components, it is lifestyle on wheels. Thanks to a wide range of innovations in the areas of comfort, compactness, digital networking, lightweight construction or hybrid models, it becomes a home in which the end customer should feel comfortable. Manufacturers install a wide variety of parts and technologies and deliver the finished caravans and motor homes all over the world. However, this creates enormous challenges, as the marketability of individual parts, components and accessories must be ensured in a wide range of different markets. Diverse legal framework regulations are often opaque and interpretation is not one of the core competencies of the manufacturers. The Munich Consulting Group considers caravanning as one of its main areas of expertise and provides support in monitoring and researching the law and makes recommendations for action so that successful sales can be achieved in all countries.

One product – Many challenges

Not only the complete product ready for series production, but also the individual parts and accessories installed in each case are subject to mandatory labelling so that they can be exported to different markets. Since a recreational vehicle has a wide variety of functions and components, the requirements for technical compliance are extremely demanding for both established manufacturers and young start-ups. Compliance with regulations on low-voltage equipment, electromagnetic compatibility or disposal (WEEE), for example, are essential for international sales. Even running hot water is subject to regulations, which must be observed, including the drinking water regulations for boilers.

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