Change of the marking for KC certification after revision of the legal text.
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Change of the marking for KC certification after revision of the legal text.

In July 2019, a draft revision of the “Regulation for Motor Vehicle & Vehicle Parts Certification and Investigation” was published, which contains fundamental changes to the KC certification for South Korea.
This draft came into force on 21.08.2019.

It contains six changes that affect the entire KC marking-relevant product portfolio (safety glass, safety belt, rims, headlamps, brake hoses, brake linings, reflectors, warning triangles).
One of the main changes is the color matching of the KC logo.

Overview of fundamental changes to the KC logo design

In addition to formal changes, the revision that has come into force also includes announcements by the test institutes that self-certification has been integrated.
In addition, the documentation was implemented both for special traction vehicles and the obligation for the manufacturer to demonstrate fuel economy in the production of vehicles.

The most important change is the KC logo. This logo is to be applied in gold. However, if it is necessary to distinguish it from the background, silver, navy blue, black and white are also permitted.

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CE conformity: Selected important updates of the last 2 years.

On 20.06.2019 the EU Commission published the EU Regulation 2019/1020 on market surveillance and conformity of products. This shows that the inspection of conforming products is currently gaining in importance. This applies in particular to all CE-relevant products. With a CE marking, the manufacturer, marketer or authorized representative of the EU declares in accordance with EU regulation 765/2008 and decision 768/2008 that a product complies with all CE-relevant EU directives and their harmonization regulations. The EU directives and harmonized standards are continuously adapted. In the following we have summarized the most important innovations.

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A step toward precaution against human rights abuses.

The new supply chain law on compliance with human rights along the entire supply chain is to be passed by the end of 2021. With the new law, small to large companies will be confronted with new requirements. Now they are supposed to take extensive compliance measures (such as setting up a risk management system, conducting regular risk analyses, adopting a policy statement, etc.) to ensure the protection of human rights in connection with related supply chains.

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