Automotive CCC certification in China – Extension of the scope of certification to brake linings.

Automotive CCC certification in China – Extension of the scope of certification to brake linings.

With the official WTO notification G/TBT/N/CHN/1414 of March 18, 2020 a draft was published which provides for the CCC certification of automotive brake linings. After rumours about an extension of the product range had been circulating for some time, these rumours have now been confirmed by the official notification. The new CNCA standard is published under the number CNCA-C11-20:2020.

Expansion of the product scope for mandatory CCC certification

After many reductions of the product groups to be certified were implemented in 2019 (see Insight CNCA Announcement 11, 29 and 44), the new year starts with the announcement of an expansion of the product range that falls under the CCC certification requirement. At the end of the first quarter of 2020, a draft was notified via the WTO, making the amendment official. This lays down, inter alia, the general certification process and the general requirements for the certification and use of the mandatory product certification mark (CCC) of brake linings for motor vehicles. The technical reference will be the national standard GB 5763-2018.

From 01.06.2020 brake linings will be included in the product scope for Automotive CCC certification and are mandatory from 01.06.2021.

Procedure and deadlines in the legislative process

After the national GB Standard 5763-2008 was revised and published in November 2018 as GB Standard 5763-2018 “Brake Linings for Automobiles” with a transition period until September 2019, an announcement of the “State Council” came in October 2019 in which far-reaching changes in the product scope were announced. Already in December 2019 the certification authority CQC published the standard CQC16-491278-2019, which can be regarded as a voluntary certification of brake linings.
From that date it was clear that the CNCA was already working on an extension, which will be adopted on 1 June 2020 and will enter into force after the end of the transitional period on 1 June 2021.

Outlook and obligations for manufacturers and suppliers

With the publication of CNCA Announcements 11, 29 and 44 in 2019, many categories were excluded from the CCC certification requirement. In addition, a self-disclosure is required for the remaining categories from 01.11.2020. It is interesting that for the new standard for brake pads CNCA-C11-20:2020, the old certification process is planned. As a result, brake lining manufacturers must prepare themselves for the fact that their plants will have to be audited by the Chinese certification authorities in order to successfully complete the necessary certification process.

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